Costs info for trekking in Nepal

I always try to keep my prices for trekking as reasonable as possible. My rates are situated below the rates of big trekking agencies and I try to optimize the cost along the route as much as possible. I have to adjust my rates to governmental rises of costs, though.

Most of the services are included in a daily rate, only some positions have to be paid separately. See below my detailed list.

If you have any request about my service or my prices, please contact me personally by email or by phone!

Hire a porter?

You find the idea of a person carrying your backpack disturbing?

Let me assure you that being a porter has nothing obedient to it. Porter is a very old profession in Nepal. To reach remote settlements porters were and are a necessity, there are no roads in rural regions. Being a porter is a save income for a family.
Since tourism reached Nepal, some porters changed their field: instead of goods they carry equipment for trekkers/mountaineers. Doing so they get payed better than a local porter. So being hired as a trekking porter has a high standing amonst most Nepalis.

Included Rates:

Guide + Porter

I will accompany you as a trekking guide, organizing everything in advance and in route, lead the way and be the one you can ask everything. If you decide to engage a porter to help carry parts of your load, I will organize a personally befriended Nepali for our trek together. On camping treks, more than one porter is necessary.

Accommodations + Food

The daily rate includes accommodation in lodges along the route. The character of the room and toilet facilities depend on region and season. Showers might be available in more developed areas. On camping treks tents, insulation mats as well as cooking- and eating equipment is provided. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served, together with a cup of hot tea/coffee. An additional cup of tea/coffee on a hiking break is offered. Boiled drinking water is assured at any time.

Rescue / Insurance

A contract insuring rescue in case of an accident/emergency – if necessary by helicopter – for all clients as well as for guide and porter(s) will be signed. A personal international health insurance for all travelers is required, though. A personal international accident insurance is recommended.

Additional Costs:


To get to and back from the trailhead transportation is necessary. Ground transportation offers vary between local buses, tourist buses, VIP-minivans or private cars/jeeps. Prices range between 12–120 USD – please ask me for details. Some trailheads can also be reached by plane. Please ask me for individual flight-prices (ranging from 150–250 USD).


Any individual needs on the trek (e.g. coca-cola, beer, cookies/chocolate bars, etc.) are your own expenses and not included in the daily rate.


If you have been happy and satisfied with my service and appreciated the work of your porter(s) – feel free to express your thanks in a little tip 🙂


If you plan to stay longer in Nepal than your planned trek lasts, every other night in a local hotel except the first (before the trek) and the last (after the trek) will be your own expense. I reserve the right to select a sufficient hotel in Kathmandu/Pokhara for you. More up priced hotels can be chosen for an additional charge.