An independent trekking guide in Nepal

Hari trekking guide in Nepal

My name is Yan Prasad Timalsina but everybody is calling me Hari. I am an independent trekking guide in Nepal.

I was born in 1980 in Phulbahri, Nepal. My parents still live at the countryside, I moved to Kathmandu with my wife and our two sons.

After finishing school I started working in the trekking business with the purpose to become a trekking guide in Nepal.

I began as a porter, carrying partial loads of clients. Three years later I attended the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management and attended a trekking guide course. I learned everything about nature, weather, healthy food, safety and overall well-being in the mountains and I also obtained the needed skills in professional mountaineering, wild life, first aid and client handling.

Being a trekking guide in Nepal is the perfect job for me – I love being out in the nature, hiking with and taking care of people, showing them the beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

The character of my treks is very diverse and are always tailored to the wishes and needs of my clients. I walk with single people off the beaten tracks, I lead big groups with a sufficient amount of porters, I go hiking with couples 3 weeks staying in lodges or I arranged camping treks in remote areas.

Your wish is my command. I adopt to your personal speed, priorities and attitude. While you should adjust to the other clients when trekking in a group of a big trekking agency, with me you can have everything your way. I like to fulfill your dream of hiking through the Himalayas in exactly the way you want to. Let’s go together!

For me going on a trek with a client is like hiking through the mountains with a friend. Much is to be discovered that may stay hidden for the unaccompanied trekker.
Many people who I trekked with keep in touch with me over the years, a lot of them return for another trip through our beautiful mountains.