My philosophy of trekking in Nepal


I’m a Nepalese licensed trekking guide, having lead over 30 treks through many different areas. But for me going on a trek with a client is like hiking through the mountains with a friend.

I do my best to organize the cleanest rooms, the healthiest food and the most scenic routes for you as my highest priority is to make your trek joyful and memorable. I do lodge treks as well as camping treks and go with single clients, couples or groups. I adopt to your personal speed, priorities and attitudes.

Tell me, how you like to explore the mountains?

I take care of the arrangement of your permits, transportation, accommodation and food in an efficient and smooth way that I optimized throughout my years of being a guide. I rely on many befriended lodge owners along the routes and am proud to support their local economies in those remote places in the mountains. If needed I work in cooperation with the small trekking agency of my older brother.

If you are interested I’m happy to share my knowledge about history, religion, culture and recent development of Nepal. Much is to be discovered that may stay hidden to unaccompanied travelers.

Let me help you discover Nepal’s nature and culture in a deeper way!

I’d like to lead you into the heart of its people! Trek with me!