Nepal adventure

Hari made it very easy for us – from the moment we arrived at the airport until he dropped us off for our flight out.  He was attentive to our needs and was very knowledgeable about all aspects of our trek as well as our tour around Kathmandu before and after our adventure to Everest Base Camp.  He even helped me arrange some business meetings while I was there.  He was well respected by the lodges and other guides and we received some special treatments that we knew other guides were not getting for their clients.  I can’t imagine that another guide could provide a better service than Hari did for us. I am coming back to Nepal to do other trips with Hari and have recommended him to many.  Hari is a great guy with a wonderful family.  We not only have a Himalayan guide for life but a lifelong friend as well.  Highly recommend you let Hari guide you on your first or next Nepal adventure!

Paul Andrus